The Elko Police Department is committed to a partnership with our community to create a safe environment for our citizens by providing the highest level of police services possible.

Mission: We strive to provide consistent enforcement of all laws in a fair, firm and professional manner to instill trust and build relationships within the community through problem solving to safeguard life and property.

Department Motto: Pride in Service

P - Prevent, reduce, disrupt criminal activity
R - Recruit, train and develop our employees
I - Initiate timely and open communication
D - Develop and implement solutions to our community's problems
E - Efficiently use innovation and technology

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Our average response time to calls is three minutes from the time the call is dispatched to the officers arrival.

Patrol Division handles all traffic accidents within the City limits as well as routine police matters which include bank escorts, animal calls, crime calls, funeral processions, parades and much more.

Police Chief
Ben Reed
Chief Biography
(775) 777-7310


1401 College Ave
(775) 738-1415 fax


Elko Police Department History & Information

The City of Elko was incorporated by an Act of the Legislature of the State of Nevada March 14, 1917. At that time a Police Supervisor, W.R. Mayer was appointed to be the executive officer of his department and had under his special charge the enforcement of all police regulations. June 2, 1917, George Cotant was unanimously appointed City Marshall and J.C. Doughty was unanimously appointed Police Judge for the City of Elko, both with a monthly salary of $1. each.

Also on this date, F.H. Sutton was appointed Night Watchman with a monthly salary of $100. Our department currently has a total of 44 employees. Of these 44 employees, 39 are sworn officers. Of those 39 sworn officers 27 are assigned to the Patrol Division, 5 are assigned to the Detective Unit, 3 are in Special assignments i.e. the Juvenile Crime Task Force and the Narcotics Task Force. The final 4 sworn officers are the Administrative staff.

The Elko Police Department is a professional and progressive law enforcement agency that is continually moving forward. We are always looking for opportunities to improve training, education, technology and equipment for our staff.

Frequently Asked Questions     

Q:    How do I obtain a copy of a Crime Report?
    To obtain a record from the Police Department a Public Records Request Form must be submitted. Complete the form and return it to the Police Department.

Q:     How do I obtain a copy of an Accident Report?
A:     Accident reports are available for $10.00 (cash) per report at the Elko Police Department, 1401 College Avenue, Elko, NV. Accident reports are also available for $16.00 per report online at Contact us at (775) 777-7310 for more information. If the record you need is for court, have your attorney contact us about obtaining a copy via subpoena.

Q:     How do I obtain a Work Permit for Liquor, Gaming, Child Care, Prostitution, and Taxi Driver? 
For Liquor and Gaming Work Permits, you must have a referral from the establishment you are employed.  You must have authorized state picture identification for all work cards.  No felony convictions can be on your record from the previous 10 years to qualify. If you have been convicted of a felony you may contact (775) 777-7310 for further information.