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The mission of the City of Elko Fire Department is to deliver exceptional service to the entire community by providing high quality emergency response, fire prevention, and community support.

The City of Elko Fire Department strives to provide efficient and effective service to the public by encouraging quality improvement through continuous self-assessment.

 * Integrity *         * Courage *        * Compassion *         * Excellence *

 Elko Fire Department Personnel

       Fire Chief
      Matt Griego
        Deputy Fire Chief
          Jack Snyder III
          Fire Marshal
         John J. Holmes
    Administrative Assistant
         Mary Hassett
    Volunteer Coordinator
         Jamie Winrod
           Bill Killion
             Station 1  
         A-Shift            B-Shift            C-Shift
Captain Ray Mowrey Captain Troy DeLong Captain James Johnston
D.O.II Jason Logsden D.O. II Ryan Safford D.O. II Jared Rader
D.O.I Joel Finley D.O. I  Drew De Arrieta D.O. I Stacy Wines
F.F. Seth Frandsen F.F. Jeff Hintz F.F. Andrew Crouch
F.F.  Joel Finley F.F. Martin Larraneta F.F. David Wiggins
F.F. Brian Hoehne F.F. Austin Hughes F.F. Erin Coleman
           Station 2 & 3  
          A-Shift            B-Shift            C-Shift
Captain Mike Murphy Captain Jim Urresti Captain Robert Lino
Lt. Dorsey Munson Lt. Mike Rizo Lt. Dustin Kappes
F.F. Andrew Ostendorf F.F. Rusty Staples F.F. Dale Johnson
F.F. Mitch Cannon F.F. Glen Murphy F.F. James Davis
F.F. Andrew Pappas F.F. Jeff Winrod F.F. Shawn Murphy
F.F.  Justin Lewis F.F. Jerid Vance F.F. Joe Echegaray
F.F.  Jarod Place  F.F. Gabriel Lopez F.F. Elizabeth Snyder
   F.F. Daniel West  F.F. Skylar Williams